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  • Truck No: 82889
  • VIN: 4UZAARBW65CN5871
  • MAKE: Freightliner MT-45
  • Model: 5.9L Cummings ISB
  • Year: 2005
  • Body Style: Utilimaster
  • Company name: 106
  • Select Driver: 125
  • Steer tires: 255/70R/22.5
  • Drive Tires: June
  • Oil Filter: Diesel
  • Air Filter:
  • Fuel Filter:
  • Mileage:
  • Recommendations:
  • Invoices: Array
  • DOT Inspection Certificates: Array
  • Active Quotes: Array
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  • Recommendations (Admin):


    exhaust tail pipe and hanger,possible leak at exhaust-9/27/17

    rear spring packs pins and bushings -10/19/17

    Rear end has metal in the oil. Will need to be inspected and possibly replaced-12/15/17

    Complete rear door replacement,rear bumper springs. CEL & ABS Lights on-3/12/18

    rear spring pack pins and bushings,radiator leaks-4/5/18

    Rear end worn,transmission output seal leak,steering gear box has excessive play,front shocks,e-brake shoes,rear shocks,rear spring pack pins and bushings,ABS light on-5/8/18


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