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Job Site Repair

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Job site Repair Service Hours

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5:00pm - 1:00am


We can pickup & drop off your Truck!

Certified DOT Testing

Job Site Repair has Certified DOT Inspectors for your vehicle inspections. They are available to answer any of your questions.

Job Site Repair provides dependable and affordable maintenance on the following types of vehicles:

Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks

Single-Axle Delivery Trucks

In addition to servicing diesel engines, trained technicians perform maintenance and repairs on:





Electrical Systems

Recent Posts

Road Check 2017

Road-check 2017. Each year during the CVSA Road-check event, tens of thousands of inspections are conducted. This year, Road-check will take place June 6-8, 2017. The emphasis this year is cargo securement. While checking for compliance with safe cargo securement regulations which is always part of roadside inspections, CVSA is highlighting cargo securement safety this year…

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When Do You Maintain?

As your truck gets older, your maintenance schedule may not be syncing up with its needs. Think about it for a minute. A brand new truck that has just a few miles on it won’t need maintenance nearly as often as a truck with a couple hundred thousand miles. So why do we send them…

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Maximizing Your PM

Your trucks need to be maintained; there is no way around it. But by streamlining the process, preparing ahead of time, and looking for patterns in breakdowns, you can make sure that you are getting the most of your maintenance program. Thus, wasting the least amount of time and keeping your profits high as possible.

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